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Pin-up website strictly and exclusively endorses responsible gambling. We are committed to providing a healthy and positive environment for you to enjoy wagering with us and we want you to be fully aware of the social and financial risks associated with gambling.

Make sure you are in control

Gambling should be nothing more than just a hobby. Unfortunately, some people treat it as an income source, which can lead to emotional distress and financial harm. We want you to be able to enjoy the game, so we encourage you to follow these guidelines:

  • 1. When you are wagering real money, know when to stop. Remember, this is a hobby, not a job.
  • 2. Avoid chasing losses — there will always be another day.
  • 3. Only wager when you can afford to.
  • 4. Keep track of time and the amount of money you spend gambling.
  • 5. If you feel that your habit is getting out of hand, contact our support team. Upon your request, we will be able to temporarily suspend your account so you could take a break.
  • 6. If you feel that you need help with fighting your gambling addiction, you can contact one of the professional organisations listed below for assistance.
Do you feel that you are losing control?

If you are concerned that gambling has had a negative impact on your life, ask yourself the following questions:

  • 1. Has gambling caused interruptions in your work or study?
  • 2. Do you gamble money just because you are bored?
  • 3. Has anyone ever raised concerns with you about your gambling habits?
  • 4. Have you been feeling disconnected from your friends and family because of gambling?
  • 5. Have you ever lied about how much money you spend gambling?
  • 6. Have you ever lied or stolen from anybody to get gambling money?
  • 7. Do you feel that you are cutting down on essentials to be able to invest more money into gambling?
  • 8. Do you gamble until you've lost all your money?
  • 9. After losing, do you feel a compulsive need to try again and win your money back right away?
  • 10. Do you gamble when you feel upset or depressed?
  • 11. Have you felt depressed after an unlucky streak or even had suicidal thoughts?

Every positive answer to any of these questions might mean that you have a gambling problem. Seriously consider quitting gambling or seeking professional help.


If you feel the need to take break with gambling, we are always ready to provide you with the possibility of voluntary blocking. Enabling self-blocking means that your account will be blocked for a certain or indefinite period, and you will not be able to use it until the blocking expiration date. To enable voluntary blocking, write us through the website's support chat.

For re-activation, the player must submit a written request to restore the account. Write us through the website's chat that you want to cancel the voluntary blocking of the gaming account and your profile will be unblocked as soon as possible.

Gambling addiction treatment

GambleAware, offers assistance and helps to stop people getting into problems with their gambling habits. For more information, visit http://about.gambleaware.org.

GamCare, the leading authority providing counseling, advice and practical help in addressing the social impact of gambling, can be visited at: www.gamcare.org.uk. Its confidential helpline is available at: 0845 6000 133. Non-UK residents can contact GamCare for details of International support organizations.

Gamblers Anonymous is a fellowship of people who have come together to help one another solve the problems compulsive gaming created in their lives. There are regional groups around the world. The Gamblers Anonymous international service website can be found at: www.gamblersanonymous.org.

Gambling Therapy provides support and counselling for anyone adversely affected by gambling. Gambling Therapy professionals are available both in Great Britain and internationally. The website can be found at: www.gamblingtherapy.org.

Internet access restrictions

Various software applications allow you to limit or block access to certain websites. This type of software can help parents prevent their children from accessing gambling websites. If you share your computer with friends or family who are under the legal age to register or bet with our site, or have requested self-exclusion from gambling sites, please consider parental filtering solutions such as:

Net Nanny at www.netnanny.com
CyberPatrol at www.cyberpatrol.com

Please note than anyone under the age of 18 found to be using the site will have all winnings forfeited and their information will be passed to the authorities.